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How is a Closely-Held Business Valued in a Texas Divorce?

If you or your spouse own a closely-held business, there is a strong chance that the business will play a central role in your divorce. Like all assets that are acquired or that appreciate in value during a marriage, the ownership interests in a closely-held business can qualify as “community property,” and this means that […]

No Frills Divorce Program Plan

Get to Know Us The Wright Firm, LLP offers access to justice through fixed-fee legal service options for Texas divorce cases with our No Frills Divorce Program. The Wright Firm, LLP is a full-service law firm with offices in Dallas, Denton, Frisco and Lewisville, Texas. However, divorce, child custody, and family law have always been a […]

Texas Premarital Agreement: The Good, The Bad, and The Realistic

A premarital agreement, often called a prenup (or a prenuptial agreement), has a sordid perception of being a self-serving, unromantic, and pessimistic legal document. However, this is not always accurate. This page is intended to shed light on what a Texas premarital agreement can protect, what it cannot protect, and why it is nearly bulletproof. […]