Created by The Wright Firm, L.L.P., Attorneys & Counselors at Law, the Wright Divorce Guide is a basic reference tool to help you understand the process of a Texas divorce. It covers many of the common questions we receive from our clients who are going through a divorce. The Guide is not meant to be a substitute for legal advice, so please contact your attorney with any questions specific to your case.

The Wright Divorce Guide Chapter Overview

Chapters 1 & 2: General Information and Deciding to Get a Divorce

Chapters 1 & 2 explain some basic rules when it comes to Texas divorce law. Though this guide is informative, every case is different and a discussion with your divorce attorney is strongly recommended.

Chapter 3 – Attorney and Client

Chapter 3 discusses the relationship between you, the client, and your attorney. In this chapter, we give you guidelines as to what your role entails, as well as the definition of the attorney-client relationship.

Chapter 4 – Issues in Divorce

Chapter 4 covers common divorce situations. Whether it be property, debts, children, spousal support, attorney fees, or other issues, Chapter 4 explains how to get through a divorce while in those situations.

Chapter 5 – Steps in the Divorce Process

Chapter 5 explains the steps in a Texas divorce. More often than not, the 6 steps include:

  1. Initiation of the Divorce
  2. Temporary Orders
  3. Discovery of Evidence
  4. Settlement
  5. Trial (if no Settlement)
  6. After Settlement or Trial

Chapter 6 – Things to Avoid

Chapter 6 covers the actions that should be avoided during the divorce process. These actions may include hiding assets or documents, sharing information with others, or starting a business. All can add complications and/or have negative effects on your divorce.

Chapter 7 – Divorce FAQs

Chapter 7 answers the most frequently-asked divorce questions. If you have more questions that are not included in this guide, please contact us.

Chapter 8 – Special Issues

Chapter 8 discusses special divorce circumstances, such as domestic violence and child abuse. These matters are not taken lightly and should be discussed with your attorney immediately.

Chapter 9 – The Nature of Divorce Cases

Chapter 9 is a reminder that there is no winner in divorce. The goal is to separate from your spouse in the cleanest way possible, which is difficult due to specific situations and the high levels of emotion added to each case.

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