Where to File

In the United States District Court in the district where you reside or where you work. The Bankruptcy Court is a part of the United States District Court.

How long does it take to file?

Chapter 7 cases where there are no assets to distribute to creditors are closed fairly quickly, sometimes in as little as a few months. Even though you have received a discharge, however, you case with the Court will remain open until the judge enters an order closing the case. A copy of the order closing your case will be sent to you by the Court. Chapter 13 repayment plans may take up to 5 years for you to complete.

How Often Can I file?

Please note: you may only file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy once in 8 years! If you have received a discharge in a Chapter 7 case previously, you only have the right to receive another Chapter 7 discharge if your new case is filed at least eight years after the first case was filed. However, even during the eight-year waiting period, you may still be able to obtain relief in a Chapter 13.