We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients. This means we do more than just perform what is requested or expected of us – we are dedicated to doing what it takes to help our clients reach their goals. Founding partner Patrick Wright has 14-years of family law practice experience and is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. But it is more than just his credentials that keeps clients coming to our firm. He is a consummate professional, knowledgeable about the law, highly organized, and most of all passionate about his work.

“Patrick Wright came highly recommended by a respected coworker so I met with him for an initial consultation. During that first meeting I brought a long list of questions that he answered so thoroughly that I enlisted his firm to handle my divorce. Getting the process started was a bit daunting because of the amount of paperwork and research requested from me. I didn’t think my case would be that complicated but it’s easy to forget about the things two people can collect over a relatively short period of time. All the hard work pays off in the end as we had the documentation to substantiate our claims and disprove the opposing side’s claims. During the settlement phase Patrick really shined with his quick decision making skills and laser-like focus. Overall, I’m pleased with the outcome and would recommend The Wright Firm without hesitation.” – DMC 09-01-11

“Hollie was the consummate professional. She was there for me in whatever advisory or legal capacity I needed i.e. facilitator or decision maker, pit bull or steady hand, good cop or bad cop etc. Hollie was highly responsive while also remaining clear thinking and patient throughout the process. She knew her subject as well as my options and gave measured and sound advice. I would not hesitate to recommend her or work with her again.”

“Patrick Wright was an incredible valuable ally during my complicated divorce proceeding. This was by far, one of the most difficult times of my life. Patrick and his staff were responsive, professional and compassionate throughout the duration of my case. I still rely on Patrick Wright from time to time when issues arise. I highly recommend The Wright Firm for family law matters.” – DB-01-17-11

“I highly recommend Patrick Wright,” writes Tammi N. “Patrick provided excellent guidance and counsel with clarity every step of the way. He was always professional and well prepared, and his performance in court was outstanding.” Patrick was not the only attorney Tammi interviewed to represent her but, “He was the only attorney where I walked away from the initial interview confident that he understood my situation, how the law applied to it and knew the direction to take to achieve the goals I wanted to achieve.”

“I was impressed with Patrick throughout the case,” writes Don M. “I chose Patrick to represent me because he was knowledgeable about the law and extremely competent. He was incredibly well prepared with charts and paperwork, and knew exactly how to present my case to win. His ability to be subtle yet powerful at the same time was impressive. His knowledge, finesse and technique won the jury over.”

Another client, V.M.R., writes that “Mr. Patrick Wright is a brilliant, first grade attorney who has been very honest and hard working. Patrick’s calm strength, confidence, expert legal knowledge and keen ability to communicate inside and out of the court room have proven to make the difference when the most important things in my life have been on the line.” V.M.R. goes on to say that The Wright Firm, L.L.P. is “extremely professional, classy and accessible with a lethal final touch. Everyone at The Wright Firm, L.L.P. has been genuinely caring, professional and responsive. Patrick A. Wright simple cannot be out-briefed or out-lawyered.”

“Lauren, I appreciate everything you have done for us, especially taking the initiative to get the second mortgage stripped. This will be a big relief after the Ch#13 is discharged. There are quite a few attorneys in the Denton area who could take a few lessons from you…and I hope that the Wright Firm realizes how fortunate they are to have you on their team. You certainly have helped us more than anyone ever has.I think that you are in a league of your own when it comes to knowledge of the Bankruptcy laws and the way you have treated us as clients.” – BKS

“Patrick Wright’s professional knowledge and capability showed itself from our initial telephone consultation. I remember telling him that I wanted the “best lawyer available” and that is exactly what I got! Patrick was not only organized and well prepared, but top-notch in the court room. His attention to detail was made apparent by his familiarity with my case, which could only have come by studying the details (often overlooked by others).In fact, everyone at The Wright Firm that I had the opportunity to work with; from the receptionist to the accounting office and legal assistants; was courteous, professional and sensitive to my case. With my child being the subject of my case, nothing less than the best was acceptable, and again, that is exactly what I had with Patrick and The Wright Firm!” – BC (10-2010)

To Whom It May Concern:

I writing this letter to let you know how much I appreciated the services provided by your firm, specifically Lauren Timmerman, Esq., in the handling of my Bankruptcy case this year. It’s been over 4 months since my Trustee meeting and I was delighted to hear from Lauren in an email just to check on me and make sure everything is going fine.

I chose the Wright Firm because of your locations and the information available on your Web site regarding Bankruptcy. Monica Peters began working on my case initially, helping me compile the information needed and choosing the best Bankruptcy option for me. Monica was very helpful, informative and diligent during this process and I knew I’d chosen the right legal firm immediately.

I felt even more fortunate when Monica consulted with Lauren Timmerman, getting her involved in some of the more complicated areas of my case. Lauren was very confident in her decisions, helped me determine the best options and timeframes available for me to file, and it was obvious she had a great deal of experience with bankruptcy laws, processes, and court/trustee meetings. If I had a question on paperwork, upcoming dates, meetings, etc., I knew I could drop Lauren an email and get a response the same day, sometimes within the hour, which certainly contributed to my own productivity at work and home by not having to wait by a phone for a call back, or play phone tag. The day of the Trustee meeting, Lauren arrived in plenty of time to calm my nerves and review some of the case issues with me. She told me what to expect from both her and the Trustee during the meeting, easing my fears tremendously, then after the meeting gave me a quick review of what to expect in the weeks following. The process was smooth and easy, and I was pleased to have Lauren at my side.

So, thank you Wright Firm, and especially Lauren Timmerman, in helping to make one of the most difficult and uncomfortable decisions of my life so easy! I will definitely recommend The Wight Firm to anyone, for any legal matter in the future.

MB (10-2010)

October 27, 2010
To Whom It May Concern:
My daughter hired Patrick Wright with The Wright Firm, LLP in Lewisville, Texas to handle her divorce. It was a rather complex divorce since a family business was involved along with three young children. Throughout her difficult divorce process, Patrick proved to be an exceptional attorney with an excellent support staff. He always displayed a very high degree of professionalism and was very understanding and caring. He took good care of my daughter and achieved excellent results for her. I would recommend him and his company without hesitation to anyone needing a divorce lawyer. BB

October 27, 2010
To Whom It May Concern:
Late last year I hired Patrick Wright with The Wright Firm, LLP in Lewisville, Texas to handle my divorce. The divorce turned out to be confusing and difficult, and at times it was almost unbearable. Patrick did a great job helping me understand the process. I can’t image any attorney handling the divorce as professionally as Patrick did. There were lots of firms to choose from, and I’m glad I chose The Wright Firm.

Since a family business was involved along with three young children, there were times when I felt lost without the support of Patrick. Throughout the divorce process, he proved to be an exceptional attorney with an excellent support staff. He always displayed a very high degree of professionalism and was very understanding and caring. I found that Patrick is very well respected in the legal community. I would recommend him and his company without hesitation to anyone needing a divorce lawyer. KW


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